“Twelfth Day of Holiday Cocktails”

“On the twelfth day of Holiday Cocktails, my true love made for me…

…twelve flutes of champagne”

Better yet, how about at least one pomegranate champagne cocktail?  At our house, we’re celebrating on the west coast under east coast time and just now rang in the New Year with my favorite local sparkling wine – Wilson Creek Almond – with a touch of ‘POM wonderful’ pomegranate juice and a few arils from a fresh pomegranate for garnish that sink to the bottom of the flute and appear all bubbly and pretty down there.

The almond champagne is very light and just a hint of almond flavor, which marries well with the pomegranate.  There are many nutrients found in pomegranate, especially if you eat the arils (seed-like interior pods).  We covered 12 different cocktails in 12 days, and bid adieu to many cells with our imbibing.  Now is the time to replenish with many great anti-oxidants and fresh foods full of vitamins and minerals.

It has been a great adventure in seeking recipes, ingredients, and friends to share the Twelve Days of Holiday Cocktails as found listed on the painted holiday kitchen towel I rediscovered in my Christmas decorations bins.  I purchased the towel from a sale table after the holidays a year ago.  While talking about it during my turn to host Bunco, I asked my visiting mother if she would join me in working through the entire towel.

Being my mother, I knew she would let us ‘off the hook’ if I gave up mid-way through, so I upped the game a bit by starting a blog that covered, daily, the 12 Days of Holiday Cocktails…accountability a bit further, yes, although unknown if there would be any followers.  Now there were a few days where she only sipped for a taste…but at least two days that we both decided to truly enjoy the featured cocktail for the rest of the evening.

I’ve learned a bit about posting a daily blog these past 12 days, and have much more to go for what I really want to accomplish using this media format.  Thank you for taking a look at this post and any others you may have read at the Mocha-, Mocha-Cabana…the hottest blog north of Havana…!

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