“Fourth Day of Holiday Cocktails”

“On the fourth day of Holiday Cocktails, my true love made for me…

…four grasshopper cocktails!”

There are a couple of ways to make green-colored cocktails, but let’s first rule out the use of green food coloring.  We really need to rely on some main ingredients, then, for the green — like liqueurs such as Midori (light-green, made from muskmelons and such) or Chartreuse (also greenish colored, made from herbs and plants and very unique tasting).  For the Grasshopper Cocktail, we feature creme de menthe.  Mint?  Yes, mint.  And drink them all night? No, not all night — maybe one, after dinner, politely.

The ingredients list for my Grasshopper Cocktail tonight is very short — 3/4 oz creme de cacao, 3/4 oz creme de menthe, and 3/4 oz half-n-half, all together shaken over ice and poured into a dainty martini glass.  Usually the half-n-half is cream, but I needed a lite version to help me counter all the frosted sugar cookies eaten earlier in the day.

At first sip, I did have thoughts that I was really drinking a tummy settling concoction or liquid toothpaste, rather than a holiday party drink.  I’m working on a 12-day challenge to sample every beverage listed on a holiday kitchen towel with the heading “Twelve Days of Holiday Cocktails.”  Day four is often when challenges get set aside…and to have a full-on mint drink featured for the fourth day, well, I did have to rally myself to get up off the recliner and go shake it like I mint it, er, meant it.

I used crushed ice and allowed numerous chunks into the martini glass — keeping the minty liquid extra cold and I found it wasn’t too minty at all.  Next batch I will opt for more creme de cacao.  Okay, I confess, I’m not going to make another batch.  I’m going to find other recipes to use the remaining 32 ounces in each creme bottle.  Delicious over ice cream, possibly a use in frosting for cupcakes made with dark chocolate, just to name a few guesses.  More research here…much more research.

I think I needed this little ‘commitment’ check tonight, just to prove to myself that not all that is minty fresh is to be avoided…that completing the towel list is better than throwing in the towel…and that holding a pretty glass for just one little green drink is still a great way to end a busy day before Christmas Eve!


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